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The Health Clinic

The Health Clinic is a boutique medical tourism agency from Estonia offering a world class medical service. We offer cosmetic, bariatric, and orthopedic procedures. In addition to the procedure itself, we are able to organize all-travel arrangements, accommodation, and an extensive aftercare programme to our patients.

We have chosen the leading specialists in the field of medical care in the Baltic States and execute our surgeries in our state-of-the-art practices and hospitals in Tallinn, Estonia.

Weight Loss Surgery

We believe that weight loss surgery can only be a win-win situation. Many of our patients have come to us at a stage of their life where obesity meant much more than just a few pounds too many. Quite often patients asked for consultations at the threat of suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, and many more obesity related conditions.

The Health Clinic sets itself apart from other providers by providing an extensive aftercare programme. Our nutritionist and personal trainer Mark Sermat is here to assist and help you loose those excess pounds. Having the surgery is only part of a greater change in lifestyle and we want to be there for your journey.

Beyond this, The Health Clinic believes in specialization, and has two dedicated bariatric surgeonsDr. Rein Adamson and Priit Miidla. All our surgeons frequently attend seminars and freshers course all over the world to remain up to date on the most recent developments in the field. Both, Dr. Rein Adamson, and Priit Miidla are members of Tallinn's Surgeons Society.

Cosmetic Surgery

We are a highly skilled and dedicated team of cosmetic surgeons, and offer a great range of cosmetic procedures for affordable prices. The decision to change your looks is a big one, and we are here to help and to show you your options.

Once again, The Health Clinic is capable to provide such excellent results due to its strong emphasis on specialization, Breast-related procedures are solely performed by both Dr. Jüri Kullamaa and Dr. Rein Adamson. Rhinoplasty (Nose jobs) are solely performed by our specialists Nose, Ear, and throat surgeon Dr. Aet Saart. Further, Dr. Jüri Kullamaa also performs facelift. Dr. Rein Adamson is responsible for Arm lifts, and tummy tucks

Our Team


Dr. Rein AdamsonDr. Rein Adamson

Rein has 27 years of surgical experience and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Tartu University in 1982. He has been a member of Tallinn’s surgical society since 1998 and his expertise lie in cosmetic and obesity surgery. He has been part of the Health Clinics team since its very beginning and can look back to a vivid career having worked both in the private and public sector in Estonia. Beyond his professional experience Rein frequently attends In-service Training sessions across Europe.


Dr. Jüri KullamaaDr. Jüri Kullamaa

Dr. Jüri Kullamaa qualified in 1988 from the Faculty of Medicine of Tartu University, and then specialized in cosmetic surgery following a year at the Moscos Institute of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Jüri Kullamaa looks back to 20 years of cosmetic surgery experience and has worked both in the private and public sector. Dr. Jüri Kullamaa frequently attends international conferences and training sessions on cosmetic surgery.


Dr. Aet SaartDr. Aet Saart

Aet graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Tartu University in 1993 and has since specialized in nose, ear, and throat surgeries. He performs all rhinoplasty surgeries on behalf of the Health Clinic and can look back to 15 years of professional experience in the public sector and 3 successful years at the Health Clinic.  Aet is a member of Tallinn’s Doctor Society and the Estonian Ear, Nose and Throat and Head and Neck Surgeons Society since 1996.


Our Facilities

Our facilities and hospitals are of a world-class standard, our private clinics are designed to cater for the needs of medical tourists. The Health Clinic executes surgeries in the Fertilitas Clinic, The North Estonian Medical Centre, and the Hospital of Orthopedics.

Your Stay in Tallinn

Estonia is a great place to have surgery and was ranked first in terms of price-quality ratio in Europe by the Health Consumer Powerhouse report in 2008, which was published on behalf of the European Union. Beyond this Tallinn is a particularly popular tourist destination as it is one of the few remaining medieval towns which were less affected by warfare and the change of the centuries. Tallinn is a gorgeous place to spend a few days and we will organize your travel-arrangements, airport-clinic transfers, accommodation, and any sight-seeing if desired.



Prix allant de* Prix jusqu'à*
Abdominoplastie De 2 050 €
Anneau gastrique (laparoscopie) De 3 000 €
Augmentation mammaire (Implants mammaires) De 3 150 €
Ballon intragastrique De 1 850 € À 2 000 €
Bypass gastrique De 5 600 €
Changement d’implant
Chirurgie des cuisses De 1 050 €
Gynécomastie De 1 375 €
Injections de comblement De 350 €
   Produits de comblement à base d’acide hyaluronique De 350 €
Lifting des bras De 1 050 €
Lifting des seins (Mastopexie, Plastie mammaire) De 2 800 €
   Lifting des seins avec implants
Lifting facial De 2 350 €
Liposuccion De 650 €
   Liposuccion assistée par hydrojet (WAL - BodyJet) De 650 € À 2 400 €
Opération des paupières (Blépharoplastie) De 950 €
   Blépharoplastie inférieure De 950 €
   Opération des paupières supérieures De 950 €
Otoplastie (Chirurgie esthétique des oreilles) De 650 €
Réduction mammaire De 2 725 €
Retrait d’un implant
Rhinoplastie De 2 210 €
Sleeve gastrectomie De 4 800 €
Traitement des rides - Toxine botulique, Dysport De 425 €


  • Les prix ne sont mentionnés qu’à titre indicatif.
  • Les prix des interventions peuvent ne pas couvrir l’anesthésie, les sous-vêtements spéciaux fournis, la consultation, etc.