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Chirurgien esthétique Zolder

RIZIV number 1-18045-04-210.

Chirurgien esthétique Zolder
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Profil - Dr. Marc Nelissen - Chirurgien esthétique Zolder

Slogan :

"Safety, Quality and Service in Plastic Surgery for a Fair Price"


International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery

Autres affiliations:

  • NVPC - Nederlandse Vereniging voor Plastische Chirurgie

Mots d´accueil

Dr. Nelissen is Doctor in the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and founder/owner of the Global Care Clinic, a private clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery, offering a complete range of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. This clinic is fully certified and inspected to the highest standards, easy accessible in the countries border triangle “Belgium-Germany-Netherlands”, close to the airports of Maastricht, Eindhoven and Brussels.

Spécialisations et procédures préférées

Dr Nelissen is specialist in:
- Breast Surgery: Breast augmentations, Breast lift, ...
- Treatments for the Body such as Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Labia Correction, Mommy MakeOver,...
- Treatments for the Face such as Eyelid Surgery, Facelift, Nose correction, Ear Correction,...
- Anti-Aging treatments such as Botox, Peeling, Medical Needling, Fillers,... 

Philosophie professionnelle

Safety, Quality and Service for a Fair Price


The Global Care Clinic is fully certified and inspected to the highest standards, set forth by the quality label of the Belgian Society for Private Clinics.

Experienced and Registered Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Nelissen is a registered Plastic Surgeon in Belgium and in The Netherlands.

The title of ‘Plastic Surgeon’ is a legally protected title, which you can recognize by:

  • The RIZIV/INAMI number ending with the numbers- 210
  • The affiliation with the Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery.

To qualify as Plastic Surgeon a GP must be trained during a minimum of 6 years on top of their medical degree. Plastic Surgeons not only have a more comprehensive view of the human body, but they have a broader and far more extensive range of surgical techniques. Plastic Surgeons are the pioneers and leaders in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Nelissen is also registered as a Plastic Surgeon at the Medical Specialists Registration Commission in The Netherlands  (KNMG Artsennet) and is Belgian delegated member of Network-Lipolysis.

Experienced Anaesthesia

Operations are performed either under local anaesthetic using a light sedation or under general anaesthesia by our experienced anaesthesiologist, depending on the preference of the patient and in consultation with the doctors.

Quality of our staff

The staff of the Global Care Clinic are all qualified individuals, carefully selected on the basis of the required professional titles and experience. The quality of the doctors, employees and staff is structurally tested and developed.

Language skills

We offer you competent doctors and friendly and professional staff with the necessary language skills. Languages spoken in the Global Care Clinic: Dutch, English, German, French, Italian.

Patient is not a number!

The motto of the Global Care Clinic is “Beauty through service“, which means that rendering excellent services to the patient is the most important. The clinic is equipped with high-tech equipment and no effort or cost were spared to provide the best accommodation for the patients, without resulting in an impersonal “hospital feeling”. The absolute priority is quality and a personal approach in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Here, patients quickly feel at ease by the personal approach within this professional entourage

Dr. Nelissen takes the time to listen to your expectations and gives honest advice, without any pressure for any treatment whatsoever. A clear treatment proposal and an all-in price quotation are submitted after a personal consultation in order to avoid later surprises. Dr. Nelissen guides his patients himself during the intake, surgery and aftercare. During the post op care he remains available for any questions.

Short waiting times

The waiting time for a first consultation is generally around 2 weeks. The first consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Nelissen costs € 40. If necessary you may come several times for consultation prior to your surgery. These consultations serve to discuss all your doubts, questions and expectations. There is no extra charge for this.

Most treatments can be performed in 2-6 weeks following the consultation.

Next Day Surgery

As a special service, we offer long distance patients the convenient option for surgical treatment the day after the consultation (Next Day Surgery).

For safety reasons, Next Day Surgery is only possible for certain procedures, amongst which breast augmentations.

Next Day Surgery offers many advantages to long distance patients including lower overall costs (no extra travel costs), minimal waiting time until surgery and less time away from work and family.

Easy accessible

The Global Care Clinic is located next to the Race Circuit of Zolder (Belgian Province of Limburg),  in the countries border triangle “Belgium-Germany-Netherlands”, easily accessible by the proximity of the highways E314 (Leuven-Heerlen-Aachen) and E313 (Antwerp-Liège/Luttich), airports of Maastricht, Eindhoven and Brussels.

Upon arrival by car you don’t need to search for parking. There is always plenty of free parking on the domain itself. 

Consultations take place at our clinic in Zolder, Belgium, or in the future also in Düsseldorf and London. Please contact us for these consultation possibilities.

Privacy and discretion

Discretion for postoperative patients or VIP clients is ensured by a separate exit at the back of the building (no passing through the major waiting room). The location of the clinic in a wooded, residential area is an additional guarantee for privacy and discretion.


Referring to the foregoing, our patients are often pleasantly surprised about the fair price/quality ratio, especially when compared to our neighbouring countries (Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom).

This is explained by the absence of unnecessary intermediaries (commercial consultants) and thelimitation of marketing and advertising budgets. Our patients mainly find to us through “mouth to mouth” advertising including internet testimonials. As a result of this, also foreign (German, Dutch, UK,…) patients easily find their way to our clinic, also due to the extensive experience and recognition of Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nelissen in Dutch hospitals (private and university).

All our prices are all-in prices in order to avoid later surprises.

Please find out more about the unique guarantee policy for breast augmentations.

Cabinet médical

State-of-the-art sterile accommodation

The Global Care Clinic opened its doors in May 2011 and was finished according to the latest safety standards for private clinics.

The operation theatre consists of 2 operating theatres, fully equipped according to the current legislation for hospitals. Both operating rooms are spacious with all the latest equipment, according to the most recent construction principles. Compliance with strict German standards ISO 1446-1 class 5 on air purity (the same air treatment as the latest operating theatres in Gasthuisberg University of Leuven) with laminar airflow.

specialized ventilation system creates a super sterile environment reducing the risk of the hospital bacteria (MRSA) to an absolute minimum, especially when compared to public hospitals.

This risk is further limited because the entire interior of the clinic was painted with special antibacterial paint (Sikkens Alpha SanoProtex). This paint contains active silver ions that avoid the multiplication of bacteria. It is also effective against various harmful bacterial strains, which have developed resistance against the usual antibiotics.

The use of customized single use operations sets for certain operations attributes further to the sterility.

The Global Care Clinic is equipped with an emergency generator that can supply electricity power to the entire operation room, during at least 24 h, in the case of a public power outage.

Quality label Belgian Society for Private Clinics


The Global Care Clinic ensures uncompromising quality and is also fully certified and inspected to the highest possible standards as set forth by the quality mark of the “Belgian Society for Private Clinics“.

This association aims to promote a high quality exercise of health care and medicine in private clinics with focus on a quality full treatment of the patient. The BSPC label contains the most essential criteria (with regard to quality and infrastructure) to which a private clinic must meet in order to ensure patient safety.

KIWA Audit

The BSPC label is awarded by the internationally known auditing company KIWA which also grants the quality labels to the Independent Treatment Centres (ZBC’s) and the Independent Clinics (ZKN) in the Netherlands. The Global Care Clinic was the first clinic in the region to obtain this quality mark. The Global Care Clinic undergoes a full audit by KIWA every 2 years.

ISAPS Ambulatory Surgical Facilities

The ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) is the world-wide recognised professional organisation, which cooperates with the American Association for Accreditation for Ambulatory Surgery Facilities International (AAAASFI). Dr. Nelissen is a qualified ASF Resources Inspector, which means that he is designated as an inspector for ambulatory surgical facilities for patient safety and has taken a course to grant him this designation. List of ISAPS surgeons. However, the above mentionedBSPC/KIWA accreditation is to be considered as the Belgian standard for accreditation, compared to the more American ISAPS accreditation.

Formation et stage



Dr. Nelissen graduated in 1994 – with distinction – as Doctor in Medicine, Surgery and Gynaecology at the Catholic University of Leuven.

He subsequently was educated during 3 years in general surgery in Antwerp. In anticipation of his further training as plastic surgeon, Dr. Nelissen got the unique opportunity to work for one year withplastic surgeon Dr. Jacques Vandeput, internationally recognized for his invention of the “mesh graft” for treatment of burn wounds. During this extra year, Dr. Nelissen performed many aesthetic procedures, including as many as 250 breast augmentations.

Dr. Nelissen completed his training as plastic surgeon at the University of Amsterdam in theAcademic Medical Center (AMC), of which:

  • 10 months in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital/Dutch Cancer Institute: reconstructive surgery and microsurgery with emphasis on breast and head/ neck reconstructions;
  • 6 months in Beverwijk Burn Center: reconstructive surgery after burn wounds, general plastic and aesthetic surgery;
  • 20 months AMC: (children ‘s) plastic surgery and hand surgery.


Dr. Nelissen was for almost 3 years staff member of the department plastic surgery in the University hospital azMaastricht (azM – UMC+) for reconstructive and insured care.

Simultaneously he also performed aesthetic surgical procedures in the following private clinics in Amsterdam: Kliniek de Lairesse by Medinova/Euroclinics; Jan van Goyen Hospital (by Body Services);Total Care Clinics. Until 2006 also in the Valkenhorst clinic in Valkenburg and until 2007 in theReinaert clinic in Maastricht and Amstenrade.


His experience with the typical commercial intermediaries, their inefficient organization and high cost price for the patient and the big private hospitals with always changing surgeons, made Dr. Nelissen choose to start up the “Level 4 clinic” in Hasselt. The Level 4 Clinic was a typical “boutique clinic”, where treatments were carried out in a small-scale, home-like surrounding.


In anticipation of the imminent regulation in the sector of private clinics (where certain treatments may only be exercised in strictly controlled facilities) and after repeated visits to prominent foreign private clinics, Dr. Nelissen decided in 2011 leaving the “boutique-clinic principle” behind and to move to a new location in Zolder, under the name of Global Care Clinic.

The Global Care Clinic has grown into a well-known beauty center, offering a complete range of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments.


At this moment, Dr. Nelissen also works in Belgium in the public hospital Maas and Kempen (ZMK), with two campuses, Bree and Maaseik. Here, the larger reconstructive operations are carried out as well as some breast reductions, tummy tucks and nose corrections for Belgian patients.


During the thorough intake interview, Dr. Nelissen will inquire about your wishes and will discuss the various treatment options, if possible on the basis of before-and-after photos. You will receive all information about the treatment/operation procedure, what results to expect, advantages and drawbacks, the preparation for the operation, type of anaesthesia, and the possible risks/complications and necessary postoperative care.

Bringing someone with you to the consultation for example your partner or a friend is a good way to remember as much information as possible, and you can discuss it with them later.

This consultation always takes place with Dr Nelissen, the plastic surgeon who will perform the treatment and who will be responsible for the postoperative care. Prior to the consultation with the plastic surgeon, a consultant will go through all of the important information regarding your personal information, medical history, drug use, your wishes. We may ask you to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire prior to the consultation (at home or in the waiting room). The correct and complete information about your medical background and your drug use is very important for the plastic surgeon and the anaesthesiologist, and for your own safety.

A clear all-in price quote will be communicated to you immediately after your personal consultation, in order to avoid any later surprises on additional costs.

The first consultation with Dr. Nelissen costs € 40. If necessary you may come several times on consultation prior to your surgery without extra charge. We find it very important that you are completely informed in advance.

Consultations take place at our clinic in Zolder, Belgium, or in the future also in Düsseldorf and London. Please contact us about these consultation possibilities.


Dr. Nelissen is a member of world-wide recognised professional associations for plastic surgeons, such as: the Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery (RBSPS), the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery (NVPC), the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS).

As part of his commitment to continuing education, Dr. Nelissen travels to Plastic Surgery Conferences throughout the world at least 4 to 5 times a year including watching internationally renowned plastic surgeons lecture and operate to ensure his practice of plastic surgery is at the forefront of current techniques. He also regularly visits colleagues to perform guest operations

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chirurgiens et cabinets

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Paiement échelonné
Abdominoplastie Oui
Augmentation des lèvres
   Augmentation des lèvres (acide hyaluronique)
   Augmentation des lèvres (injection de graisse)
Augmentation mammaire (Implants mammaires) Oui
Blépharoplastie Oui
   Blépharoplastie inférieure Oui
   Opération des paupières supérieures Oui
Changement d’implant
Chirurgie du double-menton
Enlever un grain de beauté Oui
Épilation laser Oui
Génioplastie - Chirurgie esthétique du menton
Gynécomastie Oui
Injections de comblement Oui
   Injections d'acide hyaluronique
   Lipofilling ou autogreffe de tissu graisseux
   Radiesse Oui
Lifting des bras
Lifting du visage Oui
Lifting mammaire (Mastopexie) Oui
   Lifting des seins avec implants
Lipolyse par injection Oui
Liposuccion Oui
Mésothérapie, regénération du visage et du cou Oui
Microneedling (Dermaroller)
Mommy makeover - opérations après grossesse
Nymphoplastie Oui
Otoplastie (Chirurgie esthétique des oreilles) Oui
Peeling chimique Oui
Réduction mammaire Oui
Retrait d’un implant
Rhinoplastie Oui
Thermage Oui
Traitement de la cellulite Oui
Traitement de l'hyperhidrose (hyper-transpiration)
   Hyperhidrose traitement (transpiration excessive) - Botox Oui
Traitement des rides - Toxine botulique, Dysport Oui

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